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Cars for Cancer

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Not only does the Mater Foundation provide you with the chance to win a million dollar prize home, you also have the opportunity to win the car or ute of your choice with the Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery.

About Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery

It is always nice to know where your money goes when entering a competition to win prizes. Buying a ticket in Mater’s car lottery provides an opportunity to win cars, and also supports vital research into prostate cancer and its treatment. You know how men are with their cars so it seems apt, don’t you think, that funds from the Mater Cars for Cancer lottery goes towards a disease affecting males.

This is not an old man’s disease either.  Daniel Cocker was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the young age of 22. His treatment involved removing two tumours, followed by intensive chemotherapy over nine weeks. This meant Daniel could not work and often could not leave the house for days at a time. A difficult situation made easier for both Daniel and his family with Mater’s support, “Mater staff displayed not only expertise, compassion and care to my family and I, but did so with encouragement and warmth.”

Associate Professor John Hooper leads the Cancer Biology team at the Mater Research and their field of study is prostate cancer. They research how this cancer starts and spreads around the body.  Their aim is to identify the key proteins that promote prostate cancer to be able to diagnose the disease earlier and to develop new anti-cancer drugs. Their research can provide positive outcomes to improve quality of life for men like Daniel.

To enter Mater’s Cars for Cancer competition go to carsforcancer.com.au and be in the running to win some unbelievable street machines. Think of Daniel and what a great cause you are supporting.

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