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Cars for Cancer

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Not only does the Mater Foundation provide you with the chance to win a million dollar prize home, you also have the opportunity to win the car or ute of your choice with the Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery.

About Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery

It is always nice to know where your money goes when entering a competition to win prizes. Buying a ticket in Mater’s car lottery provides an opportunity to win cars, and also supports vital research into prostate cancer and its treatment. You know how men are with their cars so it seems apt, don’t you think, that funds from the Mater Cars for Cancer lottery goes towards a disease affecting males.

Support men like Allen

Every Monday Allen Bassett from Nanango, near Kingaroy, heads to the city for treatment at Mater Cancer Care Centre in Brisbane.
He’s been making the 800km round trip each week since he was diagnosed with bowel cancer on 23 April 2008—a day he still remembers clearly. 

“It was a Wednesday; I was admitted on Thursday and they operated on the Saturday morning and removed all the cancer,” the 68-year-old said. 

Allen thought that following the surgery and treatment, his health worries were over until his cancer returned a few months later, this time in his liver. 

After his second surgery Allen’s physician gave him two options. 

“He said I could have treatment or I had less than six months to live,” Allen said. “That rocked me. I was 61.”

Seven years on from his first treatment, Allen is right at home in the large armchairs at Mater Cancer Care Centre for treatment, sharing stories with staff to pass the time. 

“Two of the nurses that were here for my first treatment are still here,” he said.

The grandfather-of-two gave both nurses an anniversary card to celebrate seven years of fighting cancer together.
“I remember a nurse saying to me ‘you are going to go a long way because I can see your attitude and you think positive’… and I think she was right. 

“I have never forgotten that. You have to think positive. I’ve had cancer for over seven years but I’m still going strong.”

To enter Mater’s Cars for Cancer competition go to carsforcancer.com.au and be in the running to win some unbelievable street machines. Think of Allen and what a great cause you are supporting.

Allen Bassett - Cancer Patient






Mater Cars for Cancer