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Join us this World Prematurity Day and help Queensland’s tiniest patients get home sooner.

Did you know at Mater we care for more than 2000 seriously ill and premature babies every year from across Queensland and beyond?

That’s up to 79 babies who will spend the night in our care, sleeping alone and without their parents to comfort them.

Many of these babies are born too early, some are born seriously ill, and some need around-the-clock care and love to make sure they grow up to be happy and healthy children.

Thursday 17 November is World Prematurity Day. And this year we’re asking you to join us in making a difference for babies like baby George who was born 13 weeks premature.

George spent his first 122 days of life being cared for in Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU). Every night he slept surrounded by machines, alongside 78 other tiny babies born seriously ill or premature. 

But his mum Alinta was never far from his side. 

“I wasn’t able to cuddle him until he was one week old. But when I held him it was amazing, I really felt like his mum for the first time.

“I have such a sense of relief each and every time George passes one of his milestones. I am so grateful that he is not giving up and that he just keeps going every day, but he is not at home for each special moment and that is heartbreaking.”

By purchasing a Mater Prize Home lottery ticket this World Prematurity Day—you’ll be helping Queensland’s tiniest patients like George to get home to their families sooner.

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