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Babies and Children's Research

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Peace of mind goes along with the excitement of pregnancy knowing that Mater is working towards maximizing the chances of a healthy outcome for both mother and baby. A great reason to purchase Mater Prize Home tickets, as the money raised goes towards this children’s charity.

With over 10 000 babies born each year at Mater Mothers’ Hospital, the Neonatal Critical Care Unit is essential for those 1400 premature and seriously ill babies who depend on specialist care . They focus on optimising care for these fragile babies so that they survive, develop normally and go on to enjoy a healthy childhood. Babies like Noah, who was born 10 weeks premature and within two days developed a chest infection. Connected to machinery to support his breathing, Noah’s dad, Shaun was not able to experience the joy of holding his child until he was nine days old. Thanks to the care and support of nurses and doctors at Mater, today Noah is a healthy and happy little boy.

Mater’s care doesn't stop with infancy. Continual research is being performed to develop new treatments to better manage babies born with genetic diseases and disorders, how to help them cope with it and the additional challenges of their transition to adulthood.

Mater does an amazing job supporting the little ones, and you can support this tireless and important work . Donating to charity is as simple as buying Mater Prize Home tickets to support further research – so much for so little.






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