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Funding Cancer Research

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Scientists at Mater Research are working with clinicians to better understand and prevent disease and improve treatment of diseases  including a wide range of cancers.

Researchers know that having an increased knowledge of the fundamental basis of disease is key to developing more effective treatments. As a result, researchers are working to develop a deeper understanding of the genetic, environmental and biological basis of diseases such as cancer.The research outcomes will help identify, define and test new strategies to prevent diseases like cancer in all stages of life from babies to the elderly.

Scientists at Mater Research are also looking for ways to improve treatment of diseases like cancer. Their aim is to use multidisciplinary approaches to design and trial more effective treatments for both the acutely and chronically ill, and to better manage those living with cancer to improve quality of life.

How your support helps

By supporting the Mater Prize Home Lottery and the Mater Foundation charity you are helping scientists at Mater Research better understand and prevent disease and improve treatment of disease such as cancer.  So why not purchase your ticket today!






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